Gary Grosse – Retires after 45 Years in the Sign Business

Gary Gary Grosse-

After a 45-year career in the sign industry, Gary Grosse is bidding farewell to his professional journey, leaving his mark on an industry that has undergone transformative changes. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment, adaptability, and profound expertise in an ever-evolving field. When we talked with Gary we asked, What hasn’t changed in the sign industry? Gary said, “Everything has changed, its all different. We used to project images on the wall and trace the sign layouts and now we can make quick changes with a couple clicks.”

Over the years Gary has worked with customers at Kirn Sign, General Sign Company, Warren Signs, American Sign Company, and for the last 12 years, Ziglin Signs. Gary said when he heard about Ben Ziglin he knew he needed to work for him. He said, “He could tell Ziglin was an up and coming company that he wanted to be a part of.” He walked in the door and left a note that said, “Gary Grosse- Your next Salesman”

If you see Gary out and about, grab a beer with him and ask him to tell you a story. He has many of them, Ask him about his boats, his microbrewery in his basement that competed with Schlafly, ask about his bed and breakfast, or the airpark sign that bent the crane.

Ziglin Signs thanks Gary for his time in the industry as a whole as well as his 12 years of dedication at Ziglin.

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